Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Old Photos of Montana

I get to be the keeper of old photographs for both Tom's side and my side of the family. I have two small neatly organized photo albums from Tom's side that have higher quality photos than most photos I have and it has me wondering if a professional photographer took them and sold these completed albums. There are no photographer markings anywhere on the albums and only a few on the photos. This is Tom's grandfather Charles A. Robertson working in the mercantile in Gold Butte, Montana
From Toole County, MT

Tom's Great Grandmother was a Fey. They hailed originally from Prussia/Bavaria/Germany (I'm still trying to nail down what it was called and when). They immigrated to New York. Then a few decided to move to Montana since there was so much land. They were pretty successful as ranchers and mercantile owners. These photos appear to be belong to the Fey side - a few are labeled Gold Butte which is in Toole County. Other known towns the Feys lived in are Conrad, Shelby, Sweetgrass Hills, Great Falls and Valier. Be sure to click on the slideshow for larger images - I think these photos are pretty awesome!

I haven't heard of any connection to Tina Fey of SNL to Tom's Feys. But I have heard that they are related to Charles August Fey who invented the slot machine. I still haven't found the connection, though.