Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Friday, December 28, 2012

Seattle Skyline 1987

More aerials taken March 1987 (click here for the Bellevue aerials and here for the Factoria aerials).

These were taken later in the day and the lighting conditions don't appear to be as good for photography but they're still fun to see.

Cascade mountains, Evergreen Point Floating bridge, south tip of Lake Union, Lake Washington, Space Needle, Seattle Center

Columbia Tower, Kingdome

Columbia Tower, Smith Tower, Kingdome

Harbor Island, West Seattle Bridge, Mount Rainier

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Seattle World's Fair for Christmas

Two treats in my stocking.

Santa knows me. 

Dark chocolate with a retro image of the Space Needle?!  Can there be anything more perfect for me?

And . . . I had mentioned that we didn't need any more ornaments in my stocking since we had too many to fit on our tree anyway.  I think Santa mumbled something like, "Well, there was one I couldn't resist . . ."  Well, I'm quite pleased he couldn't resist - a commemorative Seattle World's Fair 1962 ornament! 

If you got a stocking this year, I hope it had smiles inside, too.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Wrap it up or send a greeting 1956

Pretty Christmas greetings and packages with 1956 style

Norcross Christmas Cards

Western Union Telegram

Norcross Gift Wrappings "Wrap your gifts with Norcross Christmas Gift wrappings"

Hallmark Gift Wrap "For the added touch that means so much" (their logo really hasn't changed in the last half century)

"Sparkling new Alcoa Wrap aluminum foil wraps it with originality."

"Make all your gifts Sparkle with new Carousel Ribbons by Burlington"

"Seal it with 'Scotch' Brand . . . it'll stay sealed!" "Look for the plaid" Scotch Cellophane Tape

"Guess this wraps it up for now . . . more Postum, anybody?"

Wishing you a Merry Christmas wrapped in contentment, peace and love.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gifts for him - 1956

I guess I just can't resist these old Christmas ads found in November and December 1956 Life Magazines!

Gifts for the man on your list . . .

Remington Rollectric

Schick "Let's give Daddy the red one!"


Evans Hand Turned Slippers

Thor Speed Tools 3-Star Christmas Special

Dress Right

Something about an Aqua Velva man

Dobbs Hats

B.V.D. - Best to Give. Best to Get.

Kaywoodie pipes

Good Gift for a Good Fellow . . . his favorite cigar

Dutch Masters Cigars

Edgeworth - The tobacco famous over half a century for no-bite smoking

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Hospitality 1956

Party like it's 1956.

"And there on the table, awaiting his call Was a huge bowl of Jell-O, a fine treat for all!"

"To please the holiday crowd - (little staircase peepers, too!) . . . Nothing does it like Seven-Up"

" . . . and a Merry Christmas to all" Coca-Cola

"Party Fun with A-1"

Part and parcel of every Party . . . delicious Nabisco Snacks!

"New Crowning Touch for Holiday Parties" Royal Salted Mixed Nuts

Pickles perk up that holiday snackin' - Heinz

Borden's Egg nog

Bacardi Eggnog

Gilbey's Gin

Smirnoff Vodka

Give as Good as you serve . . . Early Times

"Good Cheer from the Land of Sky Blue Waters!" Hamm's

French's Swedish Heirloom Cookie recipe

"Serve the coffee that's Alive with Flavor!" A & P Coffee

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas 1956

These ads were found in November and December 1956 Life Magazines

Acme Cowboy Boot Christmas

"Telephones as Christmas Gifts"

"You can't buy moments like these . . . but you can give them with a gift of Scrabble" $3.00

Rexall "Preview of Christmas Surprises"

"Woolworth's Toyland is a Christmas Joyland"

"Penney's is your Santa!"

"RCA Living Color" from $99.95 RCA Victor "The Gift that Keeps on Giving"

General Electric Portables "The most exciting gift you can carry home this Christmas"

"New General Electric Transistor Pocket Radio with recharger ends battery replacement"

"Wake to the music of the stars" with Telechron Timers Clock Radios

Smith-Corona "The world's first and fastest portable"

Melmac Dinnerware "It's beautiful . . . it's break resistant . . . it's the ideal gift"

Tri-Taper by American Tourister

"Especially at Christmas . . . The Holy Bible"