Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Monday, March 4, 2013

Factoria Square March 1987

My Dad also took other photos around Factoria during the Grand Opening of Mervyn's March 6, 1987.  Here are some of the other stores you could shop at Factoria Square March 1987.  I wish there were more of these and they were all in sharp focus.

Hot Dog Emporium

Shady Lady

Newport House

Gallery T-Shirts (next to Western Optical)

Oak & Brass


Squire Shop, B Dalton's (?) on the right, Bean Pod center.  I can't make out the shops on the left - can anyone remember them?

Maurice's (?), Gussini's(?) Shoes, Oak & Brass, Ralph's(?) Hallmark,

(? ?) Hairstyling for Women & Mens, Kit's Camera, Ernst in the distance

And "Opening Soon"
Claire's Boutiques

Orange Julius

Pearle Vision Center

Volume ShoeSource


Modern Woman

I'd love comments about what other shops you recall about that time.


Cailean said...

Mr. Tux was there, down from B.Dalton's!

Jana said...

Right! Thank you, Cailean! I'm sure they had many ads in the Newport High School Yearbooks (and there were probably other Factoria shops that advertised there - a resource I hadn't considered for remembering other stores there . . . )

Coach Anne said...

I worked at Maurice's when I was in 1991 until it closed in January 1992. Never got a paycheck--always had it spent before I got it.

Does anyone remember the store that was over between where Red Robin and the Rack are now? It had all sorts of metal sculptures and quirky stuff. It had a perpetual motion machine that fascinated me. Loved that place.

Jana said...

Thanks for the comment, Coach Anne. I don't remember the store but your description reminds of the metal sculptures that left an impression on me from the way-back Bellevue Arts and Craft Fair at the old Bellevue Square.

Anonymous said...

The Squire shop was the best! Only place you could find a Breezin Jacket.

There was a cool Arcade in the mall at one time. Don't forget about Pietros pizza!

Jana said...

I remember Pizza Haven in Factoria (where I worked on and off for 5 years!)I don't remember Pietros. I wish I had good photos of Squire Shop!

Anonymous said...

I worked at the hot dog place for a few months and at Pietros for a couple of years. Great memories of the summer of 87' hanging out with friends at the mall, 7 eleven & the theater.

Jana said...

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your memories.

Toad said...

This brings back memories, thanks for posting. Moved to Woodridge Hill in 1980 as an 11 year old. Spent a lot of time biking down there to play video games and munch out at Pizza Haven.

Jana said...

Thanks for stopping by, Toad!

ScreamingAtNothing said...

The Coffee Merchant, which was by Lamonts, just around the corner from Claires Boutique. Expressions was a women's clothing store across from the CD shop (disc-go-round?) that my mom used to go to a lot. And it was The Tux Shop where I got my jazz choir uniform! I've never seen such great photos of the old Factoria Square! :)

Jana said...

Thanks for stopping by, ScreaminAtNothing - I wish my dad had taken more photos back then!

Anonymous said...

I remember going to Ernst with my dad at Factoria mall. Pietro's Pizza was over by where Nordstrom rack is and my brother worked there for a while. I also remember there was cookie shop in the mall too that sold like cookie sandwiches with frosting in the middle. I also remember going to Billy McHales, Godfathers Pizza, West Coast Video, and Pizza Time which I didn't like.

Hey anyone remember old Newport Hills with the Albertsons, the liquor store, the Hallmark card store, Dairy Queen, and I remember there was this Rich's Pizza place over where either the post office store is or the teriyaki place I cant remember. I just remember it was a small place.