Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Monday, May 27, 2013

They Fought Like Heroes

A few Civil War images postcards on this Memorial Day.

"They fought like Heroes, Long and Well, and Then like Heroes died."

Used in 1910

I scanned the bottom two postcards together - if anyone knows anything about the original painting these come from, please comment.

I'm feeling sad but grateful to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Mother's birthday! In her honour (using her native Canadian spelling), I'm posting beautiful vintage birthday cards. They are well before her time - and most are even before HER mother's time.

"All happiness for your Birthday" mailed September 1907

"Birthday Greetings"

"A Glad Birthday"

"My best wishes for your Birthday"

"Birthday Greeting" Mailed January 1916

"Loving Birthday Greetings" Mailed October 1911(?)

Slightly strange . . .

"Birthday Greetings"

But this is just an awful birthday card - it does seem cards of this era sometimes relied on guilt to convey a greeting. Very odd.

"Birthday Greetings - May you never waste your time moping. Be up and doing. Smile and work" Mailed April 1918

Wishing you a beautiful birthday, Mom!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Awkward Ads

You probably wouldn't see these products promoted this way in present-day marketing.

"Why we have the youngest customers in the business"

September 12, 1955 Life Magazine

"She can have a tummy . . . and still look yummy!"

August 20, 1956 Life Magazine
"Your chubby lass can be belle of her class"

August 19, 1957 Life Magazine
"How happy can a chubby girl be?"

August 18, 1958 Life Magazine

"It's National Use-Up-Your-Leftovers-in-a-Jell-O-Salad Week!"

May 11, 1959 Life Magazine


February 13, 1956 Life Magazine

"Born gentle"

February 13, 1956 Life Magazine

Post Sugar Crisp
This isn't too bad but it seems marketing teams don't play up "coated with sugar" anymore.

July 18, 1955 Life Magazine

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mount St. Helens

May 18, 1980 - thirty three years ago, Mt. St. Helens erupted. Fifty seven lives were lost and the landscape was devastated.

"Mt. St. Helens Eruption on May 18, 1980. This picture, looking northeasterly, was taken about three hours after the start of the eruption. A sea of dust and ash covered much of Eastern Washington and parts of Idaho and Montana. The steam to the left is Spirit Lake evaporating." - U. S. Geological Survey.

The area hasn't really regained the natural beauty it lost one third of a century ago but it is slowly recovering.

Enjoy these pre 1980s postcards.

"Beautiful Washington - Mount St. Helens, Alt. 9750 ft"

"Spirit Lake and Mt. St. Helens in scenic Southwest Washington"

"Mt. St. Helens from Spirit Lake, Washington."

"Mt. St. Helens (9,671 feet) and Spirit Lake in Washington State"

"Mt. St. Helens & Spirit Lake. Canoeing on lovely Spirit Lake with 9677 foot Mt. Saint Helens in background. Located in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in S. W. Washington. Lake is 42 miles east of Interstate Highway No. 5 at the end of State Highway No. 504."

"Mt. St. Helens"

"Mt. St. Helens, Washington, is caught by the rising sun casting her reflection in one of the beautiful lakes surrounding the peak. This once volcanic cone is the center of a large recreational area offering skiing, hiking, fishing. Reached over Highway 18 via Spirit Lake."

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May became an official U. S. holiday 99 years ago in 1914.  It seems there is a much bigger marketing campaign these days than there was in mid-century magazines but Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Day, was already denouncing its commercialization in the 1920s according to The History Channel.

Flowers by Wire "Traditional Mother's Day Gift in a Keepsake Milk Glass Vase complete only $7.50"

May 5, 1961 Life Magazine

"Picture Idea of the Week. Peter Lawford says: 'Make it a Mother's Day she'll remember - with Kodacolor shapshots. Easy to take with any camera!'"

May 2, 1960 Life Magazine

"Picture it now - enjoy it again and again! Give Mother her day for keeps - take pictures with Kodacolor Film!"

May 5, 1961 Life Magazine

"Happy Mother's Day I made the cake! Peggy. I made the Kool-Aid! Jim.  I drank some of the Kool Aid - Dad."

May 12, 1961 Life Magazine

"Special $3.50 Pyrex Ware Color Bowl Set only $2.49. World's most famous mixing-bowl set at almost a third off . . . Just in Time For Mother's Day!"

May 2, 1955 Life Magazine
"Mother's Day Gifts . . . for June Brides, too!"

May 7, 1956 Life Magazine

Whitman's Chocolate
"Mm-m, no wonder Mother's hoping for a Whitman's Sampler"

May 2, 1955 Life Magazine

"Where candy rates a thank-you, Whitman's rates a kiss"

May 3, 1963 Life Magazine

General Electric  
"Mothers make magic with General Electric (starting Mother's Day, May 12th)"

May 3, 1963 Life Magazine

Western Union
"Now the greeting that carries its own bouquet - new Scented Telegrams for Mother's Day"

May 2, 1955 Life Magazine
"What a lovely idea . . . A Carnation Scented Telegram - A Happy Thought for Mother's Day"

May 7, 1967 Life Magazine
"Read the telegram Eddie and Debbie are sending for Mother's Day"

May 6, 1957 Life Magazine
"Cried Danny D. Deever, Esquire, As he sent off his Mother's Day Wire, 'What a Dandy Way this is to send Love and Kisses - In June I shall wire my Sire!"

May 5, 1958 Life Magazine
"A new way to say 'I love you' this Mother's Day . . . send her a CandyGram"

May 11, 1959 Life Magazine

"Newest gift for modern mothers . . . Zippo Slim-Lighter"

May 6, 1957 Life Magazine

Happy Mother's Day to all celebrating! Especially to my Mom!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Vintage Jewelry

Last year, I posted several vintage jewelry ads for Mother's Day.
I have more fabulous mid-century jewelry to share!


April 30, 1956 Life Magazine

November 24, 1958 Life Magazine

November 23, 1959 Life Magazine

May 7, 1956 Life Magazine

May 6, 1957 Life Magazine

August 3, 1959 Life Magazine

May 2, 1960 Life Magazine

December 1, 1961 Life Magazine

I just thought these were funny.

September 24, 1956 Life Magazine

Angel Face (just curious about the brooch on the skin)

May 9, 1960 Life Magazine