Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Olympia Brewing Company

Olympia Beer.  From Tumwater, Washington.  "Oly"

According to Wikipedia, Olympia Beer was brewed from 1896 to 1983.

Their 1960s ads were full of their history. And their pride. So I'm including the texts.

January 18, 1960 Life Magazine
"Quality First Quantity Next - This was the way our founder, Leopold Schmidt, expressed it in 1896. At one time Olympia tried to meet the growing popularity of its distinctive light beer by establishing other breweries at other cities in the West. We matched every skill and ingredient, except one: the rare, naturally perfect brewing water from our deep artesian wells at Tumwater. Without this one priceless ingredient we were never able to perfectly match the distinctive good taste and consistent quality of the original light Olympia Beer.  Thus, adhering to the sound founding philosophy of 'Quality First Quantity Next,' all brewing of Olympia Beer was returned to the site of our famous wells. Ever-expanding and more modern facilities were developed through the years to enable us to achieve quality while guarding the quality standards set three generations ago. This combination - a water of remarkable consistency and a founder with extraordinary wisdom - has brought Olympia fame. Today this light, refreshing beer is favored for its reliable good taste by millions of discriminating Westerners. 'It's the Water'"

September 26, 1960 Life Magazine
"The secret of perfection in brewing. The secret behind the delightful taste and reliable quality of the world's fine beers is probably the best known secret in brewing. It has long been recognized in the brewing capitals of the world and is fundamental in the teachings at every brewers' school. Even the Encyclopedia Britannica discusses this 'secret' in its section on beer and brewing. The secret is simply  water; but, a most unusual water - a water of unchanging character with the unique ability to coax rare and delicate flavors from choice hops and grains. Few such waters have ever been discovered. One of these unusual waters - naturally perfect for brewing - flows from deep artesian wells at the little town of Tumwater in Washington State. Olympia Beer is brewed only here, because only here can Olympia's refreshing food taste and distinctive character be maintained. This rare water is the secret behind unchanging quality. It is the reason we state on every label: 'It's the Water' The purity and solvent properties of our famous Artesian Water enable us to attain perfection in the art of Brewing. Visitors are always welcome to 'One of America's Exceptional Breweries' Olympia Brewing Company, Olympia, Washington, U. S. A. every day between the hours of 8:00 and 4:30"

March 10, 1961 Life Magazine
"In case you're new to the West . . . . May we be among the first to extend a warm Western welcome . . . and invite you to enjoy light Olympia Beer. This western refreshment tradition has grown from a humble beginning in the little pioneer town of Tumwater, Washington, in 1896. It was here that our founder, Leopold Schmidt, tasted a dipperful of cold artesian water - and discovered one of the few naturally perfect brewing waters in the world. This rare water enabled him to coax all the delicate flavors and aromas from choice Western grans and hops - creating 'America's Original Light Table Beer.'
For a label for his distinctive product, he pictured an early footbridge that spanned the Deschutes River above Tumwater Falls . .. . added the 'Good Luck' horseshoe from his family crest . . . and laced the scene with the premium ingredients of light Olympia Beer.
Today, this label and this beer are known throughout nine Western States, including Alaska and Hawaii. And, in all these 65 years, Olympia's refreshing good taste has remained the same. A third generation of Master Brewers is still using the same rare artesian brewing water and uncompromising brewing standards that have made Olympia Beer a Western favorite
Please accept this invitation to make light Olympia Beer a part of your new Western life . . . and discover why we say: 'It's the Water'."

April 21, 1961 Life Magazine
"An invisible difference you can taste - The art of brewing a fine light beer is a delicate one . . . for even the most accomplished Master Brewer must rely on the quality of his ingredients. Choice grains and hops and cultured yeast are very important, of course, but the most vital single ingredient is water. Olympia's cold, pure artesian well water . . . just as perfect for brewing today as when first discovered in 1895 . . . is the one priceless ingredient in light Olympia Beer. This water has a remarkable ability to gently coax all the hidden flavors and aromas from selected grains and hops. This rare brewing water is responsible for the distinctive difference in taste in Olympia Beer, and gives historical meaning to . . . 'It's the Water'."

May 19, 1961 Life Magazine
 "How a dream came true in 1896. On October 15th, 1896, Leopold Schmidt filled his stein with a sparkling vision come true - light, refreshing Olympia Beer. Only 14 months before, on this very site, he had discovered on of the natural wonders of the West . . . a perfect brewing water, flowing cold and pure from a deep artesian well.
It was here, in the little town of Tumwater, near Olympia, Washington, that he envisioned a beer of perfection . . . made possible by this priceless ingredient that existed but few places in the world. He established his company here, and when his first brew was ready, he tasted its golden delight. It was all he hoped for: flavorful in taste, delicate in aroma, distinctive in character.
Today, the third generation of the Schmidt family continues to use this same rare brewing water to gently persuade the best from choice grans and hops . . . and to make each glass of light Olympia Beer just as refreshing as that first one in 1896, when a Master Brewer's dream of perfection came true."

June 16, 1961 Life Magazine
"The remarkable water of Tumwater - Imagine a place where cool, pure water silently bubbles from the earth . . .  with a refreshing invitation to the most weary visitor. This was the setting about a century ago, in the little wilderness town of Tumwater, in Washington Territory. here, hardy Northwest pioneers discovered a diamond-clear artesian water that flowered at constant volume and temperature all year around.
Although its fame grew as a wonderful drinking water, the deep artesian wells held a more important secret - one that was finally revealed in the summer of 1895. The remarkable water of Tumwater was also naturally perfect brewing water!
Since that time, the flavor secret of Olympia Beer has been this same artesian water. Its rare ability to coax the very essence from choice grans and hops creates the distinctive taste and golden clarity you enjoy in every glass of light, refreshing Olympia Beer. 'It's the Water'"

August 18, 1961 Life Magazine
"Why our horseshoe is upside down - Quite often folks ask why the golden horseshoe on each can and bottle of light Olympia Beer is 'upside down.' According to an old superstition, won't teh good luck 'spillout?'
Not at all! When you pour a bottle or can of Olympia Beer, the good luck horseshoe is no longer upside down. This is the moment when good luck - and good refreshment - will attend you! Actually the horseshoe came from an old crest of the founder's family and good fortune was certainly with Leopold Schmidt in 1895 when he discovered a rare artesian brewing water - the priceless ingredient that has brought fame to Olympia for 65 years. This remarkable water is also noted on each Olympia label by the famous say: 'It's the Water'"

September 15, 1961 Life Magazine
"One ingredient is priceless - These are the three most important ingredients of beer: grains, hops and water. It takes all three, masterfully blended and brewed with cereal adjuncts and cultured yeast, to create a truly distinctive refreshment.
Choice sun-toasted grains and fragrant hops are carefully selected to meet the most exacting standards . . . but the secret to brewing lies in the third ingredient: water. Why? Because, just as the taste of water varies throughout the country, different waters influence the taste of beer. In fact, few places in the world provide what Master Brewers describe as 'naturally perfect brewing water' - a rare water that can subtly coax the most elusive flavors from choice grans and hops.
Tumwater, Washington - the home of Olympia Beer - provides such a water that flows cold and pure from deep in the earth. It comes to the brew kettle with the natural ability to create a consistently distinctive beer . . . and the refreshing difference you can taste is your personal reminder of Olympia's most priceless ingredient: 'It's the Water'"

March 9, 1962 Life Magazine
"Nature provided the setting - Since 1896, the brewers of Olympia Beer have tapped a giant, subterranean reservoir beneath the little town of Tumwater, Washington . . . drawing to the surface one of the few natural brewing waters of the world. This rare water inspired perfection in the art of brewing and has become Olympia's most famous ingredient. yet, no man can fully explain its source or why Tumwater was nature's chosen site. There's no mystery, however, about the exceptional flavor it persuades from choice grains and hops . . . nor the remarkable quality it maintains year after year. This is perfectly understood each time you taste a glass of light, refreshing Olympia Beer. 'It's the Water.'"

April 13, 1962 Life Magazine
"Ever look at beer this way? All beer is over 90% water. Is it any wonder, then, that the brewing water is the most important ingredient of beer? Yet, throughout the world, the taste and character of water varies widely and nature gifted but few places with water naturally suited for brewing purposes, One such place is Tumwater, Washington. Here a pure, never-ending supply of natural brewing water flows from deep artesian wells . .. and, combined with the choicest hops and grains, creates the exceptional flavor and consistent character you always find in Olympia Beer. The difference you enjoy is as rare as the one priceless ingredient: 'It's the Water'"

May 18, 1962 Life Magazine
"Why Tumwater? Visitors are frequently surprised to find one of America's largest breweries in the little town of Tumwater, Washington. Why here? Why not closer to the huge population centers?
In years gone by, we tried to brew Olympia Beer at other locations on the Pacific Coast. Using the same choice ingredients and brewing skills with the best available water supply, Olympia's Master Brewers were unable to duplicate the rare quality and full flavor of the original Olympia Beer. The water made the difference!
And so we confined the brewing of Olympia Beer to the location of our now-famous artesian water - where nature provides an endless flow of Olympia's most priceless ingredient.
Ever-increasing numbers of Westerners agree with our decision to maintain teh high standards set generations ago. As a result, Olympia Beer had become a refreshment tradition in ten Western states.
Why Tumwater? The reason is pure and simple: 'It's the Water'

Plan to attend the World's Fair - space-age 'Century 21' in Seattle, Washington, April 21 to October 21. And, while you are visiting the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we cordially invite you to visit 'One of America's Exceptional Breweries' - the home of Olympia Beer.
The Olympia Brewing Company is located in Tumwater, just south of Olympia, Washington on U. S. 99. Come as you are and bring the entire family any day from 8:00 to 4;30. *Oly"

July 20, 1962 Life Magazine
"With infinite care - Like many things that bring pleasure, the art of brewing Olympia Beer requires constant attention to detail. Our Master Brewers practice their art around the clock and calendar to assure that Olympia's distinctive character never varies. They are assisted, immeasurably, by a natural brewing water which flows cool, pure and unchanging from the artesian wells deep beneath our property at Tumwater. That is why we use the reminder which most completely personifies the refreshing personality of light Olympia Beer - 'It's the Water'"

January 18, 1963 Life Magazine
"Some folks think we're too finicky - Lots of visitors come away from our brewery thinking we pursue cleanliness to the extreme. Andy they're absolutely right. 
We're mighty finicky about the ingredients that go into our beer . . . so it only stands to reason that we're going to brew them in the cleanest beer-making environment there is. We hope you can stop by one of these days to see how Olympia attains perfection in the art of brewing with the one priceless ingredient - 'It's the Water'"

April 19, 1963 Life Magazine
"'Gentlemen, I have forwarded 2 demijohns filled with water . . .' The letter was from Leopold Schmidt. It was sent November  9, 1895, to Wahl and Henius in Chicago. The purpose? To confirm by laboratory analysis Leopold Schmidt's belief that the water he tasted from a pump in the little town of Tumwater, Washington, was equal in character to the rarest brewing waters of Europe. The answer made brewing history. Today, the same naturally perfect brewing water for making Olympia Beer continues to flow from deep artesian wells. And, because this water never changes, the refreshing taste of Olympia is always just the same."

July 26, 1963 Life Magazine
". . . and still, today, 'It's the Water' Around the turn of the century, as the popularity of Olympia Beer spread out from the little town of Tumwater, customers would ask what gave the beer such distinctive good taste. The answer, of course, was that the rare water from our deep artesian wells enabled us to capture the most elusive and satisfying flavor from choice hops and grains. In 1902, we placed the answer on every label in this simple form: 'It's the Water.' Each year many new western friends ask about the secret of Olympia's distinctive quality. The answer never changes. Today, as then, these three words sum up the refreshing story of Olympia's most priceless ingredient - a rare brewing water that flows cold and pure creates the famous good flavor of light Olympia Beer."

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Beech-Nut Gum

Charming mid-century Beech-Nut gum ads

1957 slogan
"Be Chewsy . . . choose the one that belongs!" "Beech-Nut . . . the quality gum - the 5¢ luxury"

March 1957 Life Magazine

April 29, 1957 Life Magazine

June 3, 1957 Life Magazine

July 1, 1957 Life Magazine

August 5, 1957 Life Magazine

September 2, 1957 Life Magazine

1958 slogan
"Science discovers 'IFIC'" "Beech-Nut Gum is FLAVOR-IFIC"

May 12, 1958 Life Magazine

June 16, 1958 Life Magazine

June 30, 1958 Life Magazine