Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Grandpa's Wallet

Sunday afternoon and I decide to organize a cupboard. I'm not very good at organizing because I always find something that interests and sidetracks me!
I came upon the foldout portion of my Grandpa Hawes' wallet. It's like his time capsule - what he carried with him in 1958 when he was bit younger than I am now.

Photos of his kids
My Dad on the left and Uncle Bill on the right (very early 1940s?)
From Grandpa's Wallet
Uncle Bill on the left, my Dad on the right (mid 1940s?)

There were only a handful of photos and this one that he chose to carry - it was hidden behind the one of his sons and is dated on the back August 1940 HAHAHA

My Grandma's photo. I believe this photo was from the late 1920s so would have been a thirty year old photo in the late 1950s!

I've seen this baby before but I need help identifying him/her.

One of his hunting trips (I think he's the one second from the left).

Aunt Lee and Uncle Bill (mid 1950s)

Calendar (front)


Voting Information

Insurance Information

Business card (I have no idea what a Forwarding Company is)

1957 Puget Sound Naval Base Association Membership card

13th Naval District, Local No. 8 Retirement Association Member Certificate 1957

Red Cross Card (front)

(Back - this was long expired in the late 50s!)

Grandpa - I was glad to find this glimpse in to your life!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mid Century Christmas Cousins

I have more color slides from the large lot I acquired last spring; I would love to be able to identify this family. I believe they lived in the Puyallup area. In particular, there are two girls that are photographed in many other slides found in this lot (Halloween, their Christmas trees/gifts, with a WSU t-shirt wearing boy, and Easter Finery.)
I'm supposing these are cousins or very close family friends - they spent many Christmases together in the 1950s / early 1960s.

They are so cute!

The kneeling girl in the red jumper and the seated girl in front of her appear in many of the slides I acquired. It's possible their names are Nancy and Patty (based on some Christmas gifts in other slides) - I will refer to them as Nancy and Patty in the below slides. The red-headed boy is also easy to pick out in these slides.

Nancy and Patty are back/right and the girl behind the doll.

Nancy and Patty are standing in the center and seated on the right.

Nancy and Patty are standing on the right.

Nancy and Patty are standing in the back row left and standing in the middle row right.

This is the same year - the girl with the green skirt marries the young man in the center back according to some other slides from this large lot.

Sadly this is a poor slide but the cousins now include the next generation so I really wanted to include it. Nancy and Patty are wearing a blue blouse and a red blouse (I think). This slide was labeled 1962.

Do you recognize anyone in these slides?

Monday, December 21, 2015

Mid Century Christmas Trees and Gifts

These 1950s Christmas color slides are fun. I still have not identified the family/ies but their Christmases are suburban baby-boomer style and I love it!!

Shiny aluminum Christmas Tree!

I think if you did not have a shiny aluminum Christmas tree, you loaded it down with tinsel!

"Patty" "Bill"

"Nancy" "Bill"

I really love the vintage ornaments on this tree!

I can imagine how excited these girls were to get brand new roller skates! Their names are possibly Nancy and Patty.

Close ups of gifts under the trees:

Pink poodle toy, bear (wind up?)

Record player (it appears to be sized for 45s), Santa boot with candy cane, salt and pepper set

Airplane, and at least two fire trucks, Cowboy Jr. Cap Pistol

Ballerina doll, Skunk, Cowboy Jr. Cap Pistol, Fire trucks

Record player?, Dolls, teddy bears, mixer?

Lincoln Logs, teapot?, football, toy gun? something with Mickey Mouse on it, Betty Crocker Junior Baking Kit, doctor kit?

JC Higgins Model 20 Pump Acton 12 Gauge Shotgun, clock (radio?) axe

Doll, Kodalite FlashHolder, Cat!, Target shooting game, Monopoly, purse

The Visible Man, red purse, Campus Sweater, sewing machine, wind up bear, typewriter, drill, leather case

Female names in this collection are Nancy and Patty, One of the males is Bill - I assume these are the children but could be the parent names as well? I think they lived in the Puyallup area.