Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Vintage Easter Greetings

More sweet vintage Easter Postcards!

"Easter Greetings"

"EASTER GREETINGS!" Postmarked April 1914

"Easter Greeting" Postmarked April 1907

"Easter Greetings" Postmarked 1910

"Easter Greetings" Postmarked April 1908

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Vintage St. Patrick's Day

I don't come across old St. Patrick's Day postcards very often - but these three are sweet and wistful.

"Tho' far from home
Thy children roam
Our hearts can never stray.
Here's love to thee
Dear Old Countree,
On this St. Patrick's Day!"

They say a horse shoe
brings Good Luck,
To those with Bad Luck troubled,
I'm sending TWO to-day, that you
May find your Good Luck DOUBLED.

The Maid of Erin
Erin Go Bragh
Come back to Erin Mavourneen, Mavourneen, Come back Aroonto the land of my birth: Come with the shamrocks and Springtime Mavourneen, And its Killarney shall ring with our mirth. Sure when we left ye to beautiful England, Little we thought of the lone winter days, Little we thought of the hush of the starshine Over the Mountain and bluffs and the brays! Then come back to Erin Mavourneen, Mavourneen, Come back again to the land of my birth - Come back Mavourneen, Mavourneen And its killarney shall ring with our mirth.
You can hear this tune on Youtube