Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Space Needle Postcard Messages

I've collected numerous old Washington state postcards this year.  Some are postally used. Some were never used. My favorites involve Seattle and often the Seattle Center where the Space Needle lives.  I collect postcards because as you probably know - I like old photos!  I've shared many of the images from these postcards the last few months.

However, I'm also finding I am entertained by the short little messages written on some.  I consider them longer versions of Tweets but shorter versions of the old-fashioned letter.  I think most senders don't consider postcards a private way to communicate (like Tweets!).  Occasionally I feel like reading postcards purchased on e-Bay is a little like eaves-dropping; the sender probably didn't have an inkling that a stranger half a century later would read them.  And not only read them but share these quaint correspondences featuring the Space Needle.

Ruth (and Al) write a sweet note to Mrs. Alwin Ginter in Connecticut July 1968,
"Went up in this the other day. Then took Inside Passage boat trip. The scenery was beautiful, mountains right down to the water. Resting up for trip home now."

the card front:

I can just imagine Mrs. Ginter upon receiving this in New England, quickly telephoning up their mutual neighbor whom I am pretending is named Mildred and relaying the lovely time their dear friend is having in the remote, newly settled, Pacific Northwest.

Grandma visiting the World's Fair reports behaving like a child July 1962 (her postcard is even postmarked from the Space Needle) to her family in Hawaii,
"Dear Brandeberrys, Arrived Friday 4 PM so rushed to the fair like any kid. Stood in line over an hour to get on the Needle. Beautiful country."

From Seattle Postcards
the card front:

These last two have the same postcard photo:

December 1966, Daddio writes Hugh in Virginia,
"Your ever-loving pappy is going to have dinner atop the Needle tonite. I hear it is almost as good as McDonnels.  Be good & I'll bring you a popsicle." 

I don't know if he is referring to McDonald's but that's what I'm imagining so that gave me a chuckle considering the price comparison between the two restaurants.

But this one is my very favorite of this group - I think it's also 1966 and sent to Mr. McCormick in Illinois.
"'Der Feuhreur' forced me to up to the top of this idiotic nonsensical senseless Rube Goldberg monstrocity before supper yesterday. No wonder I had horrible nightmares all night. They take you up & down in an elevator that goes up & down in a glass tube. Phoey! In Portland today Wed. Met Fr. Schulze of Gordon Tech HS 1 hr ago. We leave for Frisco Thurs. PM. Now at Hilton Portland Hotel."

What a hoot! I hope she was able to forgive "Der Feuhreur's" coercion and enjoy the rest of their West Coast vacation.

I think I have to learn how to write clever postcards in case any of mine happen to be read half a century later.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Seattle World's Fair Closed 50 Years Ago

The Seattle World's Fair closed fifty years ago tonight. There were festivities to celebrate at the Center today.  Bartell Drugs partnered and elevator rides to the top of the Space Needle were rolled back to 1962 prices and only $1.00 (the 2012 price is $19).

I wanted to share a few more of the World's Fair and early Space Needle postcards I've collected this year:

Seattle World's Fair. Seattle World's Fair Information Booth and Space Needle. Foyer Des Renseignements de la Exposition Du Monde A Seattle et Aiguille De L'Espace. Casilla De Informacion de la Exposicion Del Mundo de Seattle y el Aguja Del Expacio. Century 21 Exposition. Seattle Washington April 21, October 21, 1962. Color photo by Max R. Jensen Natural Color by Mike Roberts Berkeley 2, Calif. Published by C. P. Johnston C., Seattle, Washington"

"Space Needle Seattle, U. S. A. The awe-inspiring Space Needle framed by Gothic Arches. A new landmark for the future enjoyment of all who visit Seattle. P48723. Plastichrome by Colourpicture Publishers, Inc., Boston 30, Mass. USA. Color by Morley Studios. Distributed only by Smith-Western Co., Inc., Tacoma-Portland"

"Seattle World's Fair. The Eye of the Needle. L'oeil de l'aiguille. El ojo del aguja Published by C. P. Johnston Co., Seattle, Washington. Color Photo by Max R. Jensen. Natural color by Mike Roberts Berkeley 2, Calif. Century 21 Exposition Inc."

"Space Needle Seattle, USA. P49456 Plastichrome by Colourpicture Publishers, Inc. Boston 30, Mass. USA. Color by Morley Studios. Distributed only by Smith-Western Co., Inc., Tacoma-Portland"

"Space Needle, Seattle, USA. Color by Morley Studios S-45087-2. Distributed Only by Smith-Western Co., Tacoma-Portland"

"Federal Science Pavilion Seattle, Washington. P49501. Plastichrome by ColorPicture Publishers, Inc. Boston 30, Mass. USA. Color by Morley Studios" I only recall this being called The Pacific Science Center.

"Seattle World's Fair Beautifully illuminated Space Needle beyond the U. S. Science Pavilion. Belle illumination de l'aiguille de l'espace, au dela du Pavilion Americain de Science. La Aguja del Espacio, bellamente illuminada, mas alla del Pabellon de la Ciencia de los Estados Unidos. Color photo by Morley Studios Official Photographer, Seattle World's Fair. Seattle Washington April 21 - October 21, 1962 Century 21 Exposition, Inc. Published by C. P. Johnston Co. Seattle, Washington. Natural Color by Mike Roberts Berkeley 2, Calif."

"Space Age. Seattle World's Fair. Satellite and Space Needle. Satellite et aiguille de l'espace. El Satelite y la aguja del espacio. Color photo by Mike Roberts. Seattle, Washington April 21- October 21, 1962 Century 21 Exposition Inc. Natural Color By Mike Roberts Berkeley 2, Calif. C13123 WF-36"

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