Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Friday, August 15, 2008

Seattle 1978 and 2008

I always looked forward to Paul Dorpat's column in the weekend Sunday newspaper magazine "Seattle Now and Then" when we subscribed to the Seattle Times. I have a "thing' for the nostalgic and love to visualize how things used to look. I recall being very pleased that Mr. Dorpat even e-mailed a reply to me once - about getting familiar with Adobe Photoshop to restore old photos.

For my birthday this year my mom gave me his book
Washington Then and Now I love to compare the differences.

I recently found this site Seattle Waterfront 1907-2002 "Handslider 3" is my favorite

My eleven year old had never been to the top of the Space Needle - we decided that we were slacking in our parental duties by never affording her this local treat. Since we took our twenty year old when he was about four he didn't recall it very well. All four of us ascended the icon in late July of this year on a bright and glorious day. Of course I took lots of photos.

Last week I started looking through old photos to scan in preparation for my parents Golden Wedding anniversary next year. I came across photos I took from the top of the Space Needle in 1978 when my cousins from the Midwest were here for our Grandparents Golden Anniversary. I've been trying to match up buildings in the south facing view. I numbered buildings I could match in both photos.

1-Fourth and Battery Building completed 1977
2-Grosvenor House now known as Archstone Belltown completed 1949
3-Smith Tower completed 1914
4-Seattle Westin
5-Security House
6-Castle Apartments completed 1918
7-Monorail Track built for the 1962 World’s Fair as was the Space Needle. Connects the Seattle Center to Westlake Mall.
8-SeaFirst Building
9-Union Bank of California Building completed 1973
10-Rainier Tower completed 1977
11-Times Square Building completed 1916
12- Henry M Jackson Federal Building completed 1974
13-Fourth and Blanchard Building completed 1979
14-Plaza 600 building completed 1969
15-Red Lion Fifth Avenue completed 1973
16-Securities Building completed 1918
*new 17-Seattle Tower/Northern Life Tower completed 1928 (Thank you Mundo!)

Kingdome (Top photo right – by the bend in the visible road) was built in 1976 – two years old in the top photo. It was imploded in 2000 to make way for Qwest Field

UPDATE! Thank you to my brother-in-law, Bryan and his colleagues at Clise Properties, the buildings have been identified! I've since added more numbers . . .
I found these links along the way:
Belltown neighborhood and Commercial Core historic buildings. Emporis building list for Seattle


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Mundo said...

Hi Jana, thanks for sending me the links to your blog and to Vintage Seattle. Great stuff! Might I suggest a #17 for your skyline then and now picture? Right in front of the Sea-First building (#8)is a beautiful art deco structure called the Seattle Tower. It was built in 1928 and originally called the Northern Life Tower. Seattle Tower