Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

AG Bell Celebrates 40+ years

Well, it seems my "thing" for old photos can't help but rear its head at my job, too.

Our school's former librarian was subbing a couple of months ago and rediscovered slides from the late 60's and early 70's. Before I could stop myself I heard myself saying, "Oh, I could probably get those scanned". (Thanks, Dad, for loaning me your film and slide scanner).

Then we decided since our school missed its 40th birthday, we should have a birthday celebration assembly for our students in conjunction with our end-of-year family barbecue. When I posted on Facebook that alumni were welcome to come to our lunch time barbecue, I heard from many, "I'd love to come to my old school but can't make it in the middle of the day" I heard myself say to the principal that I could host an open house in the late afternoon. Then when a former parent notified me that she had done a history timeline from 1967-1992 and that she would swing it by for me, it became quite obvious that I needed to recreate the school's history from then until now (I'm still working on it).

But, yeah, I still have students and the real part of my job which is culminating with the normal end-of-year craziness, too. Good times.

Here are some of our vintage slides

And a few "Then and Now" shots. I hope to add to this.

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