Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Saturday, February 5, 2011

1987 Puget Sound Aerials

My parents took me along when my dad was hired to take aerial photos of Factoria Square in early 1987. We had a beautiful day!
Facing northwest. Seattle's Rainier district, Kingdome, Columbia Tower, Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains:

I-90 facing east. Eastgate, Lake Sammamish, Cascade Mountains.

Facing West. I-90, Mercer Island, Lake Washington, Seattle, Puget Sound, Olympics

Seattle Skyline


Matt McCauley said...

Photo #3 looks east from Eastgate. Lake Sammamish is in the background and the bare hillside in the extream distance is the old gravel pit slightly NE of Issaquah. ;) -MM

Jana said...

Thank you, Matt! I've updated the caption.

Matt said...

Great photos here, Jana. One of the shots of downtown from over the bay shows two of my favorite buildings, the Telephone Building and the Northern Life Tower next to each other. Two years later the completed WaMu tower blocked them from view from the waterfront. Also, it looks like your shot from Rainier Valley toward Beacon Hill and downtown shows I-90 near Dearborn finally being connected up to I-5. Thanks for posting them.