Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kerry Park view of the Space Needle

The countdown is on to the 50th Anniversary of Century 21 Seattle World's Fair! It goes without saying that the Space Needle is probably one of the most photographed icons in our region. Ground breaking for the Space Needle began April 17th, 1961. A favorite viewpoint of The Needle is Kerry Park on Queen Anne.  One of these days maybe I'll see if  I can collect enough images from this vantage point and create a time-line slideshow of the Seattle Skyline featuring the Space Needle.  Please let me know if someone has already done this (or plans on doing this) because it's something I'd really like to see!

The top photo is my mother's uncle and his family on a trip from Canada to Seattle visiting Kerry Park in 1963.
And the bottom photo is an undated photo I took from Kerry Park - I'm guessing it's about 1978. If you have any ideas to help me date it, please let me know.


LJC said...

Love these pics, Jana. I saw your second caption first and thought you were referring to the first picture as being from 1978.."but..but..the Space Needle is orange.." lol. Looking at the second picture, the Kingdome is still there, the Columbia center is nowhere in sight (started in '82, completed in '85) and there is only one Westin Hotel tower (the second being completed in '82). But I don't spot anything that can pinpoint the year for me...

Jana said...

Thanks LJC. I agree it was a bit confusing - I think we are used to seeing captions below the photo - so I changed it.
Thank you for your input on the dates. Another reason I think it was 1978-1979 is because that's when I was shooting B&W for school.