Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Saturday, February 18, 2012


And even more sweets for this week!  How about some Jell-O?

"Six delicious flavors"
January 1955 Life Magazine

March 14, 1955 Life Magazine

"Now there are seven delicious flavors"
March 28, 1955 Life Magazine

"new Black Cherry"
February 1957 Life Magazine

"10 delicious flavors"
February 1957 Life Magazine

February 21, 1955 Life Magazine

And some Royal competition with vitamin C

April 1957 American Home Magazine

You can read some Jell-O history here and here.


Matt said...

I love the way they find a way to suggest "fresh fruit" in the last one. This was a refreshing post. We're all sick at my house and we've been pounding Jell-O, something I haven't had in years. It feels so good on the sore throat. Thanks!!!

Jana said...

Get well soon to you and yours, Matt! My mom had four copper individual serving size Jell-O molds in the shape of animals that she would make for us when we were sick. I inherited them and made them for my kids when they were sick, too.