Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


C. W. Post, the founder of Post Cereals (which was originally Postum Cereal Company), created Postum as a coffee alternative in 1895.  They had a long string of success but the beverage was discontinued in 2007.  However, Eliza's Quest Food purchased the trademark this year and Postum is now available by mail with hopes of getting it back in stores.

I can't recall if I've ever actually had Postum but I do try to limit my caffeine intake and browsing old ads like I do has piqued my curiosity so I am very interested in ordering.

"It's lovely . . . I'll pin it on while you finish your Postum!"

January 1957 Life Magazine

"More Postum, Mom . . . we've got five new names to think up!"

February 1957 Life Magazine

"How about refueling with Postum?"

March 1957 Life Magazine

"Get under the veil, princess . . . I'll hold your Postum"

March 18, 1957 Life Magazine

"Let's have another cup of Postum . . .it's an hour show!"

April 15, 1957 Life Magazine

"So grown-up! Let Miss Easter have some Postum!"

April 22, 1957 Life Magazine

"Mind now . . . don't jiggle . . . let me enjoy my Postum!"

May 13, 1957 Life Magazine

Trade you a hamburger for a cup of Postum!"

May 27, 1957 Life Magazine

"Over-coffeed? Drink POSTUM  . . . it's 100% coffee-free!"

January 11, 1960 Life Magazine

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