Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Southcenter Tukwila 1987-1988

These are the last of the aerials that I have from a quarter of a century ago. (The other aerials are here: SeattleBellevue, and Factoria)

Tukwila, Washington . . . Southcenter Shopping Center.

Facing West. Interstate 5 is at the top of the photo. The anchor stores are Frederick & Nelson, Nordstrom, The Bon Marche and J. C. Penney.  The Doubletree Inn is on the far left and a theater is in the upper right corner of the lot. 1987

Facing South. 1987

Facing North. Lucky (grocery), Pay-n-Save (drugs) 1987

This is south of the mall on Southcenter Parkway - At the time I worked at a photo lab called "60 Minute Photo Express" it was in the middle of this strip mall. If my memory hasn't completely failed me, I believe the balloon on the end of our building was for the grand opening of a Chuck E. Cheese. 1987

My Dad also worked in Tukwila at this Boeing building (S. 204th and 72nd AVE S. - 1988.)

Sea-Tac is visible in the upper portion of the photo. 1988

My Mom, Dad, the Pilot and me at Boeing Air Field after the 1987 excursion.


Matt said...

Nice photos, Jana. Some of these make me think of those ancient complexes like Angkor Wat...massive areas supporting the relatively smaller center temples (in our case temples of consumerism). I don't know Southcenter that well, but aside from some outlying buildings added in recent years, has it really changed that much?

Jana said...

Thanks for the comment, Matt. This is most similar to the aerial that says "facing North",-122.257576&spn=0.004263,0.008256&sll=47.272986,-120.882277&sspn=6.194734,16.907959&t=h&hq=soutcenter+westfield+mall&hnear=Tukwila,+King,+Washington&z=18 A lot is still the same but the food court and theater complex in the center is different. And it looks like a new parking garage. Before we could drive, we would take the bus preferring Southcenter to the old Bellevue Square. I always enjoyed seeing all the various letter jackets worn by other teens that gathered there!