Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seattle Alweg Monorail

Happy 51st birthday Seattle Monorail!

From Seattle Monorail
"The Monorail opened to the public on March 24, 1962 nearly one month before the start of the World’s Fair. At a cost of $3.5 million, the trains carried more than eight million guests during the six months of the fair, easily paying for the cost of construction. The full initial capitol cost of the system was recovered and a profit was realized by ALWEG before the end of the fair."

Here are some Monorail postcards in my collection:

"Downtown Monorail Terminal in Seattle's Westlake mall. The first high-speed Monorail system in the U.S.A. The sleek vehicle of the future whisks visitors from downtown Seattle to the World's Fair grounds - over a mile away - in 96 seconds and is being eyed by other metropolitan cities of the country for the solution of their mass transportation problems." Photo by Max R. Jensen.

"Alweg Monorail. Two symbols of modern times. The sleek Alweg Monorail, first of its kind in America, whisking visitors between beautiful downtown Seattle and Seattle Center, America's newest playground, and the 600-ft Space Needle another unique attraction at the Center, towering in the background like a sentinel." C13296a - Color photo by Morley Studios

"Seattle, Washington. The Monorail, (transportation of the future), Space Needle, Federal Science Building and Seattle's new Civic Center."

"Seattle's Monorail. One of the two trains making the 1 1/4 mile - 95 second run between the downtown station on Westlake Mall and the exposition grounds." C-612 Ektachrome by Clifford B. Ellis

"Two symbols of modern times. The sleek Monorail, first of its kind in America, swiftly whisks visitors to the Seattle World's Fair grounds and back to beautiful downtown Seattle. Like a sentinel watching, stands the 600 foot Space Needle." Color photo by Max R. Jensen C13073

Some Then and Now video:
The first minute of the "Century 21 Calling" documentary

Seattle Monorail's video for their 50th birthday celebration last year

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