Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Vintage Camping

Camping for leisure - Even in days we consider daily life with all the "then" modern conveniences a bit primitive, families ventured out to enjoy the Great Outdoors.

These photos are of my husband's father's family during the early 1920s.  They are labeled Yellowstone Park, Glacier Park,  and Fish Fry.  I'm pretty sure the family lived in Conrad, Montana at the time.

My favorite ones are my Grandmother-in-law, Mabel (Fey) Robertson with her sons, Walter (the youngest) my father-in-law,  Charles Robertson Jr. 

I love that she joined in the fun and got wet up to her hips!

These are labeled Yellowstone. Mabel smiling (I'm pretty sure that's her) and her mother-in-law Etta Faulconer Robertson Everingham is next to her.

(more Mabel and Etta in Yellowstone)
Chains on the rear tires - must have been for offroading.

Charles Robertson and his mother

Glacier Park family photo: Charles Robertson, Charles Robertson (Jr.), Walter (mostly hidden), Etta Faulconer Robertson Everingham, Mabel Fey Robertson.

Glacier Park Campsite

"Fish Fry" This might not be a camping trip but a town-wide picnic or something

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