Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Vintage Prince George Summer

I wish I'd asked my Grandmother, Lucille Andrew Johnson, more about her childhood in Prince George, British Columbia in the 1920s and 1930s.  In going through old photos my parents have, I recently came across a few of Prince George.  The winter ones are here.  Below are a few summer photos.

 A favorite family story my mom relates was when my grandmother's brother, Orville Andrew was a teenager - he just had to have one of the fashionable one-piece bathing suits that were all the rage in the 20s.  The family couldn't afford it so my great Grandmother, Olga Espelien Andrew unraveled an old orange sweater and knit it in to a very stylish suit and Orville couldn't wait to going swimming with the gang in the Fraser River.  It was too late when he realized that his snazzy new suit stretched all the way to his ankles when he got out dripping wet!  He of course was mortified and my mom imagines the scene with words like, "I'll never forgive you!"  Poor Olga tried so hard!  She did squirrel enough money away and eventually Orville got a store-bought bathing suit.


Anonymous said...

And that is probably the bridge off of which Orville and friends were jumping!

Anonymous said...

1029 4563633And that is probably the bridge off of which Orville and his buddies jumped. Although that is a rr bridge and it might have been a bridge for autos. BJH

Kim Appleton said...

That bridge was used by trains & cars.....and pedestrians. You could walk across it, one way traffic one either side of the train, and there were little alcoves every no & then that you had to jump into to avoid traffic.....extremely narrow :)

Jana said...

Sounds exciting yet terrifying!