Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Howard Johnson's

Howard Johnson's . . . I like seeing my Grandpa's name - this chain doesn't have anything to do with him but it's still fun.
Classic Americana Summer - road tripping and delight upon seeing the "Host of the Highway" /  "Landmark for Hungry Americans". Or just piling the kids in the station wagon and heading to the local Orange Roof for ice cream, "The Wonderful World of 28 Flavors".  I saw a post on Go Retro about the last remaining free-standing HoJo restaurant and wanted to share these retro ads.

May 9, 1955 Life Magazine

May 30, 1955 Life Magazine

June 13, 1955 Life Magazine

June 27, 1955 Life Magazine

July 18, 1955 Life Magazine

August 8, 1955 Life Magazine

July 2, 1956 Life Magazine

May 26, 1958 Life Magazine

June 29, 1959 Life Magazine

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