Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Western Union Easter Greetings

It's awesome when a company can stay in business through the decades. Founded in 1851,  Western Union has been in business during three different centuries - that's even better! I enjoyed the scene in one of the Back to the Future movies where Doc who traveled back to 1855 had Western Union keep a letter in their Hill Valley office and instructed them who, where and when to deliver it in 1955. Of course they had to make business practice changes when the telegraph system became moot but it made me smile yesterday when I walked by their counter at a grocery store and heard someone needing their services for wiring money.

Back in the 50s they advertised sending Easter Greetings by telegram

April 4, 1955 Life Magazine

March 26, 1956 Life Magazine
Celebrity endorser Lucille Ball!

April 15, 1957 Life Magazine

March 31, 1958 Life Magazine

Easter Greetings to those of you celebrating!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this! I Was looking at my grandparents scrapbook and there were several wedding greeting telegrams from western union back when they got married in 1937.
Happy Easter!

Jana said...

That sounds like a very cool scrapbook! What a treasure!