Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fifth Birthday Party

I'm celebrating a milestone birthday today. I suppose it makes me even more nostalgic than other times when I decide to visit vintage.

My fifth birthday party. Classic games like London Bridge

and pin the tail on the tiger (?)

Bubble pipes for party favors.  The cake stand was a music box, you turned the plate to make it play. I believe my crown says "Happy New Year"

Some of my gifts:
Jumpin' Mrs. Potato Head!

and I remember the rubbery brown "wig" on top of the piano here

And I still have a book I received that birthday - Dr. Seuss' Happy Birthday to You!  I read it several years to my kids on their birthdays.
From Visiting Vintage
You can peek inside some of the pages on Amazon.

Too many birthdays to remember them all but old photos sure help.


Matt said...

Great memories, even for me...and I wasn't there. But I was somewhere under that same dark Northwest sky in the shadow of douglas firs similar to the ones visible outside the windows here. One of these photos made me realize how frightfully easy it would be to cheat at pin-the-tail.

Jana said...

Thank you for commenting, Matt.
Shhh - don't let your girls know there's a way to cheat at pin-the-tail!