Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Monday, January 16, 2012

Something to warm you

There's snow in the Pacific Northwest lowlands!  And we're even expecting more.  No more settling for vintage ads with snow and ice .

Soup and cocoa to warm you on a wintry day

From Vintage Goodness
(January 24, 1959 - Saturday Evening Post)

From Vintage Goodness
(February 1959 American Home Magazine)

From Vintage Goodness
(February 1961 American Home Magazine)

From Vintage Goodness
(December 1967 American Home Magazine)

Have fun in the snow! 


Matt said...

I dig that wood-handled soup crock that the lad is using. Wish I had me one of those. Everything tastes better when served in something with a wooden handle. :)

Jana said...

His smile makes me smile - I just know he was the mischievous sort.