Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jolly Green Giant

I suppose the Jolly Green Giant is just the opposite of a pixie sized Irish leprechaun. But he's wearing green so I'm featuring him for St. Patrick's Day.  He was created in 1925 and first seen in advertising in 1928. 

October 30, 1939 Life Magazine

February 20, 1940 Life Magazine
Here is a pixie sized "giant"

December 16, 1940 Life Magazine

July 15, 1946 Life Magazine
"How the Green Giant was born:
In the early days of our company when we were pioneering new quality ideas in peas and corn, we knew we needed a distinctive mark so people would recognize them.
Our "Good Earth" was in the North Country where giant Paul Bunyan did his might deeds. The giants of Grimm's Fairy Tales added an adventurous storybook note which we thought was interesting.
Then we borrowed from the Indian Spirit of Hiawatha-land.
We put them all together and the jolly Green Giant was born - a beg fellow from then Northland, with Indian blood in his veins. That's his family tree.
Now, food lovers know he stands for corn and peas "picked at the fleeting moment of perfect flavor." Since those early days, the Green Giant has been printed millions of times on our labels and in advertisements like this one.
To us he says, "Keep up and improve the standards I represent." . . . To people who love good food he says, "Come on and eat.""

February 27, 1950 Life Magazine

October 13, 1952 Life Magazine

January 20, 1958 Life Magazine

March 17, 1958 Life Magazine

February 15, 1960 Life Magazine

February 3, 1961 Life Magazine

February 17, 1961 Life Magazine

January 26, 1962 Life Magazine

March 16, 1962 Life Magazine

October 19, 1962 Life Magazine
Remember this jingle?

This Irish Blessing seems suitable for the Jolly Green Giant's Green Valley
May your blessings outnumber
The Shamrocks that grow
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.

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