Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Opening Day Regatta

A couple of vintage postcards for the Opening Day of boating season here in Seattle

"Mountlake Bridge Opens to allow the passage of hundreds of boats on their way to Lake Washington for the opening of the annual regatta which is a feature of the Seattle's Seafare (sic) Celebration C-416 Ektachrome by Josef Scaylea"

"Seattle - Great Boating Center. Boats gather in Portage Bay for opening day regatta on Lake Washington - a yearly event. Seattle Yacht Club at right, University of Washington campus in background. Ektachrome by Josef Scaylea"


Matt said...

I wonder how old these are. The trees are so sparse and tidy.

Jana said...

I'm not very good at dating photos even though I love to examine them! I found another copy of the open Montlake bridge at UW digital archives and they don't have a date on it, either. If you click on it to get to the bigger image, I noticed the guy on the far right is wearing a hat and jacket so I think that one is sometime in the 60s or earlier. The bottom one there is no evidence of the north rim even starting to be built - that was completed in 1968. I'm sure there is something else in or not in that postcard that can help me date it but I'm still looking. I tried to find out a bit more about when Josef Scaylea images were sold as postcards but no luck on that in my brief search. His photographic prints are still for sale.