Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mid Century Dad Fashions

Happy Father's Day!
"Dress Right - you can't afford not to" "American Institute of Men's and Boy's Wear"

April 8, 1957 Life Magazine

May 13, 1957 Life Magazine

June 24, 1957 Life Magazine

Palm Beach

March 18, 1957 Life Magazine

May 6, 1957 Life Magazine

Nothing Measures up to Wool

May 13, 1957 Life Magazine

March 19, 1956 Life Magazine
Clipper Craft

May 19, 1958 Life Magazine


June 10, 1957 Life Magazine

Dan River

April 28, 1958 Life Magazine

April 6, 1959 Life Magazine

April 7, 1961 Life Magazine

April 6, 1962 Life Magazine


Matt said...

These are great! The facial expression on the kid in the last shot is really authentic. A shot or two above that, they've put the pre-teen boy in a sailor suit, which I absolutely don't believe he went into without a struggle. And the very first ad really confused me. Are we supposed to think that the young woman is running up to her dad, who is talking to a young man she does not yet know but soon will because he is so well dressed, or is this one of those gotcha ads where you think the woman is arriving to take her place at the side of the man who looks to be her own age, only to find that no, she's not with the boringly dressed young swain but with the dapperly dressed, distinguished gentelman?. I think Mr. Cool is on a wire.

Jana said...

You make me laugh, Matt! I don't think the boy on the last photo liked his robin's egg blue slacks very much. He's in the fold but it appears at least the lad in Paris was spared the white beret with the red pompom.

Pam@GoRetro said...

Ooo, what a great site and tremendous ads--so very Mad Men! I couldn't figure out where to follow you but I'll be adding you to my blogroll.

Jana said...

Thank you Pam@GoRetro! I added the Follow gadget back to my sidebar.