Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Friday, August 3, 2012

Seven-Up Float

Need a cool, refreshing, summer-time treat?  I think a 7-Up Float might hit the spot.

"Enjoy a Seven-Up 'Float'!"

June 6, 1955 Life Magazine

"Get 'em together often this summer for a cool Seven-Up 'Float'!"

June 3, 1957 Life Magazine

"enjoy a Seven-Up 'Float'" (directions included!)

June 9, 1958 Life Magazine

"Best summer sport there is . . . enjoy a Seven-Up 'Float'!"

June 8, 1959 Life Magazine

"Boys like girls who make Seven-Up 'Floats'"

June 6, 1960 Life Magazine

"Do yourself a flavor . . . make a Seven-Up 'Float'! (Seven-Up and Ice Cream)"

June 2, 1961 Life Magazine

"Six ways to make a Seven-Up 'Float' (Seven-Up and Ice Cream)"

June 1, 1962 Life Magazine

"For Fun and Flavor Rainbow your Seven-Up 'Floats'!"

June 28, 1963 Life Magazine


Hoz said...

That's not how you make a float. You NEVER pour the pop into the ice cream. It will foam over! As we all know a Root Beer float is the only kind of REAL floats!

Jana said...

Yeah, but Dad - these are so PRETTY!