Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Friday, February 15, 2013

Peter Hawley

If you're "in" to mid-century advertising, you probably have seen many of Peter Hawley's illustrations. Jantzen, American Greeting Cards, movie poster art, Bell Telephone and more.

I think he must have been a very private person.  I can't find many biographical details but enjoyed some tidbits about him on "Today's Inspiration" Pete Hawley: No doubt, the envy of his peers! and Pete Hawley's Fabulous 50's and Pete Hawley: Betsy Bell Ushers In the 60's.
I found a simple gravestone on Find-A-Grave (and was disappointed he's not included in their "Famous Grave Search").  The Social Security Death index indicates he was born July 13, 1916 and died 17 years ago today on February 15, 1996.  So I'd like to remember him today by sharing some of his Betsy Bell illustrations.

January 20, 1958 Life Magazine

May 19, 1961 Life Magazine

June 23, 1961 Life Magazine

September 8, 1961 Life Magazine

April 20, 1962 Life Magazine

June 15, 1962 Life Magazine (also found July 4, 1960 and June 9, 1961 Life Magazines but I wanted to embed the one that mentioned the Seattle World's Fair!)

August 3, 1962 Life Magazine

September 21, 1962 Life Magazine

March 8, 1963 Life Magazine

June 14, 1963 Life Magazine

September 6, 1963 Life Magazine

I've previously posted his Jantzen ads here (May 9, 1955 Life Magazine, May 23, 1955 Life Magazine, and June 20, 1955 Life Magazine)

Check out this extensive Pete Hawley collection on flickr


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