Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Awkward Ads

You probably wouldn't see these products promoted this way in present-day marketing.

"Why we have the youngest customers in the business"

September 12, 1955 Life Magazine

"She can have a tummy . . . and still look yummy!"

August 20, 1956 Life Magazine
"Your chubby lass can be belle of her class"

August 19, 1957 Life Magazine
"How happy can a chubby girl be?"

August 18, 1958 Life Magazine

"It's National Use-Up-Your-Leftovers-in-a-Jell-O-Salad Week!"

May 11, 1959 Life Magazine


February 13, 1956 Life Magazine

"Born gentle"

February 13, 1956 Life Magazine

Post Sugar Crisp
This isn't too bad but it seems marketing teams don't play up "coated with sugar" anymore.

July 18, 1955 Life Magazine

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