Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May became an official U. S. holiday 99 years ago in 1914.  It seems there is a much bigger marketing campaign these days than there was in mid-century magazines but Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother's Day, was already denouncing its commercialization in the 1920s according to The History Channel.

Flowers by Wire "Traditional Mother's Day Gift in a Keepsake Milk Glass Vase complete only $7.50"

May 5, 1961 Life Magazine

"Picture Idea of the Week. Peter Lawford says: 'Make it a Mother's Day she'll remember - with Kodacolor shapshots. Easy to take with any camera!'"

May 2, 1960 Life Magazine

"Picture it now - enjoy it again and again! Give Mother her day for keeps - take pictures with Kodacolor Film!"

May 5, 1961 Life Magazine

"Happy Mother's Day I made the cake! Peggy. I made the Kool-Aid! Jim.  I drank some of the Kool Aid - Dad."

May 12, 1961 Life Magazine

"Special $3.50 Pyrex Ware Color Bowl Set only $2.49. World's most famous mixing-bowl set at almost a third off . . . Just in Time For Mother's Day!"

May 2, 1955 Life Magazine
"Mother's Day Gifts . . . for June Brides, too!"

May 7, 1956 Life Magazine

Whitman's Chocolate
"Mm-m, no wonder Mother's hoping for a Whitman's Sampler"

May 2, 1955 Life Magazine

"Where candy rates a thank-you, Whitman's rates a kiss"

May 3, 1963 Life Magazine

General Electric  
"Mothers make magic with General Electric (starting Mother's Day, May 12th)"

May 3, 1963 Life Magazine

Western Union
"Now the greeting that carries its own bouquet - new Scented Telegrams for Mother's Day"

May 2, 1955 Life Magazine
"What a lovely idea . . . A Carnation Scented Telegram - A Happy Thought for Mother's Day"

May 7, 1967 Life Magazine
"Read the telegram Eddie and Debbie are sending for Mother's Day"

May 6, 1957 Life Magazine
"Cried Danny D. Deever, Esquire, As he sent off his Mother's Day Wire, 'What a Dandy Way this is to send Love and Kisses - In June I shall wire my Sire!"

May 5, 1958 Life Magazine
"A new way to say 'I love you' this Mother's Day . . . send her a CandyGram"

May 11, 1959 Life Magazine

"Newest gift for modern mothers . . . Zippo Slim-Lighter"

May 6, 1957 Life Magazine

Happy Mother's Day to all celebrating! Especially to my Mom!

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