Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The One Where My Dog Ate The Treat Baskets

I had a dress-up tea party for my ninth birthday.  To this day I remember how amazing I thought Sheila Morrison's dress was!  I'm not even 100% sure that I recall her name correctly or really anything else about her.  But I remember that dress!

Randi(?) also had an awesome hat, wig, "fur" jacket and full skirt ensemble. I'm on the right wearing a glittery gold number.

Tea party!

Little ladies

or not . . .

Twister fun

My dog, Charcoal was a beagle/lab mix (he's in the above photo "little ladies"). I don't recall that we ever really had to worry about him stealing food. However, he decided to sample the treat baskets that my  mom made and set aside on her dresser. It was so disappointing not to have a goodies to send home with my friends. Bad dog!


Anonymous said...

The candlesticks on the mantle were a gift to my Mom from my Chinese "uncle" - that would be Jana's "great uncle" probably in the mid-40's. I later saw a set at the Bon Marche's international Bazaar type dept. - for over $100 - that would have been in the mid-70's. I still have them.
As for Charcoal, he was our second smartest dog, and had never done anything so sneaky!
- Bev, Jana's mum!

Anonymous said...

HMM though I did... the candlesticks on the mantle were a gift to my Mom from my Chinese "uncle" - who taught me to use chopsticks before I was 3 - back in the mid-40's. He was Jana's "great-uncle". I later saw them in Bon Marche's int'l bazaar type dept. for over $100 in the mid-70's. They are still on display in our living rm...And Charcoal was our 2nd smartest dog and had never done anything sneaky, but guess the treats were too much...