Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mid Century Christmas Cousins

I have more color slides from the large lot I acquired last spring; I would love to be able to identify this family. I believe they lived in the Puyallup area. In particular, there are two girls that are photographed in many other slides found in this lot (Halloween, their Christmas trees/gifts, with a WSU t-shirt wearing boy, and Easter Finery.)
I'm supposing these are cousins or very close family friends - they spent many Christmases together in the 1950s / early 1960s.

They are so cute!

The kneeling girl in the red jumper and the seated girl in front of her appear in many of the slides I acquired. It's possible their names are Nancy and Patty (based on some Christmas gifts in other slides) - I will refer to them as Nancy and Patty in the below slides. The red-headed boy is also easy to pick out in these slides.

Nancy and Patty are back/right and the girl behind the doll.

Nancy and Patty are standing in the center and seated on the right.

Nancy and Patty are standing on the right.

Nancy and Patty are standing in the back row left and standing in the middle row right.

This is the same year - the girl with the green skirt marries the young man in the center back according to some other slides from this large lot.

Sadly this is a poor slide but the cousins now include the next generation so I really wanted to include it. Nancy and Patty are wearing a blue blouse and a red blouse (I think). This slide was labeled 1962.

Do you recognize anyone in these slides?


Connie said...

Nancy & Patty Eidemiller... said...

Patty & Nancy Eidemiller. Patty's married name Patty Carlson (Dennis) Enumclaw.. Nancy's married name Nancy Harmon (Rick)

Connie said...

My source tells me she thinks Patty married Dennis Carlson (Class of '65, PHS) and might be living in Enumclaw.

Jana said...

Thank you!!! I'm thrilled to have names to go with this people!! said...

Thanks Connie for passing on my information. I have made email contact with Patty and tried to forward the site so she can also make contact. Marge

Dennis & Patty Carlson said...

Hello, Jana. Thank you so much for posting these pictures! What a fun surprise. I am the "Patty" that you identified in these pictures. My sister is "Nancy" and all of the above information is correct! These are pictures of Christmas past with our cousins at our various houses. Is there some way that we can connect with you? I'm not really sure how I got to this page. My email is