Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Grandpa's Wallet

Sunday afternoon and I decide to organize a cupboard. I'm not very good at organizing because I always find something that interests and sidetracks me!
I came upon the foldout portion of my Grandpa Hawes' wallet. It's like his time capsule - what he carried with him in 1958 when he was bit younger than I am now.

Photos of his kids
My Dad on the left and Uncle Bill on the right (very early 1940s?)
From Grandpa's Wallet
Uncle Bill on the left, my Dad on the right (mid 1940s?)

There were only a handful of photos and this one that he chose to carry - it was hidden behind the one of his sons and is dated on the back August 1940 HAHAHA

My Grandma's photo. I believe this photo was from the late 1920s so would have been a thirty year old photo in the late 1950s!

I've seen this baby before but I need help identifying him/her.

One of his hunting trips (I think he's the one second from the left).

Aunt Lee and Uncle Bill (mid 1950s)

Calendar (front)


Voting Information

Insurance Information

Business card (I have no idea what a Forwarding Company is)

1957 Puget Sound Naval Base Association Membership card

13th Naval District, Local No. 8 Retirement Association Member Certificate 1957

Red Cross Card (front)

(Back - this was long expired in the late 50s!)

Grandpa - I was glad to find this glimpse in to your life!

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