Seattle 1978

Seattle 1978

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tastee Freez

I had not heard of Tastee Freez until "A Little Ditty about Jack and Diane" in 1982.  However, Tastee-Freez was founded in 1950 - I'm pretty impressed they were already affording full page Life Magazine ads in 1956.  From Wikipedia:
Tastee-Freez was founded in 1950 in Illinois by Leo S. Moranz and Harry Axene. Moranz invented a soft serve pump and freezer which enabled the product, and their Harlee Manufacturing Company produced the machines which franchisees would buy and use in their respective locations. Originally stores focused on iced milk and other frozen dairy-based desserts. Expansion of the brand was rapid in the 1950s; in 1952, there were 315 locations, and by 1957 there were nearly 1800 locations.

I wouldn't mind a Tastee-Freez treat on a hot summer's day.

"Special of the month" promotions back in 1956

"Miss tastee-freez, America's Sweetheart Doll.  8" tall. Her eyes close . . . Her head and arms move. She's beautifully gowned. Regular value $1.69. Yours for only 49¢ and this sales card, punched to indicate $1.00 worth of Tastee-Freez purchases."

April 2, 1956 Life Magazine

"$10,000 in Cash Prizes!  It's easy . . . It's fun . . . It's profitable! enter this exciting coloring contest. Try out your artistic skill. Paint color on these white plastic miniatures - charming lifelike statuettes of famous American and National League ALL STAR BALL PLAYERS. You'll enjoy doing it yourself and you may win one of these 266 CASH PRIZES.

Special of the Month ALL STAR SUNDAES . .  with your favorite fruit toppings of flavors, in colorful plastic all purpose dishes - mounted with lifelike statuettes of big league baseball stars"

April 30, 1956 Life Magazine

Special of the month DOUBLE WALL THERMO TUMBLERS. Insulating double walls keep beverages, foods, refreshments hot or cold for hours! Big, picnic size. Leakproof, snap-on cover. Break-resistant thermo-plastic in smart diamond design. Variety of lovely colors. Start your set today! Simply complete Punch Card with $1.00 worth of Tastee-Freez purchases and get your Thermo Tumbler, a regular $1.25 value . . . special offer 29¢"

May 28, 1956 Life Magazine

"Hurry! Enter this big, exciting PRESIDENTIAL coloring contest $10,000.00 in cash prizes. First Prize $1,000.00 - 265 other prizes totaling $9,000.00. Start your collection of all 33 lifelike presidential statuettes. Color one, or as many as you like, to win! ANYONE CAN WIN! It's easy! It's fun! And it can mean a big Cash Prize for you! Think of what you could do with One Thousand Dollars! Or with the 265 other big Cash Prizes! Simply paint colors you think best on plastic, lifelike Presidential Statuettes mounted on the colorful, all-purpose dish your Tastee-Freez Sundae is served in. That's all you do! But hurry! Contest limited! Get started with your entry - today!"

June 25, 1956 Life Magazine

"Special of the month.  'Swing-Tassel' Clown Shaker. Youngsters will really go for this happy, laughing Clown Shaker with the big, rolling eyes. The 'tassel' swings up for inserting straws. Bright red 'cap' comes off . . . to use it as a colorful, fun-making serving glass. Simply complete Punch Card ($1.00 in Tastee-Freez purchases) and this REGULAR $2.00 VALUE is yours for ONLY 29¢"

July 23, 1956 Life Magazine

"Special of the month - Handsome Gift Box. 3-Piece Thermo Set. Distinctive diamond design. Double-wall plastic construction keeps all kinds of refreshments cold or hot for hours. Get several sets, for yourself or for Gifts. Simply complete Punch Card ($2.00 in Tastee-Freez purchases) and get this big, REGULAR $2.95 VALUE for ONLY 79¢"

August 20, 1956 Life Magazine

"Start Your Gift Collection of these lifelike, beautifully-gowned 'Personality Dolls'. Dressed in beautiful, fashion-right clothes in authentic colors and designs. Each doll is over 8" tall, with eyes that open and close, movable arms and legs. Back of Gift Carrying Case features exciting variety of 'pin-on' Child Achievement Award Medals. Start now to get a complete set of these lovely Dolls, to give as Xmas Gifts or to cherish for your very own. Get FREE Doll Punch Card at your Tastee-Freez Store. Simply complete it with $2.00 in Tastee-Freez purchases and get . . . Regular $2.49 value only 99¢"

September 17, 1956 Life Magazine

Some of these promotion items can currently be found on E-bay!

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